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Arc for Windows

The Chrome replacement you've been waiting for

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Arc is a revolutionary browser that rethinks the fundamentals of how we use the web. It offers a clean and calm browsing experience, with features like Spaces and Profiles for organizing online activities, Split View Themes for customization, and a strong focus on privacy and security.

How to use Arc for Windows?

To use Arc, simply download the browser for your operating system (Windows 11 or Mac) from the official website. Once installed, explore the various features like Spaces, Profiles, Split View Themes, and enjoy a private and secure browsing experience.

Core features of Arc for Windows:


Effortlessly organize online activities with Spaces and Profiles


Customize browsing experience with Split View Themes


Focus on privacy and security


Anticipate user needs


Revolutionize web browsing experience

Why could be used Arc for Windows?

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# 1Work
# 2Study
# 3Hobbies

Who developed Arc for Windows?

The maker of Arc is a team of innovative developers dedicated to creating a browser that enhances the way users interact with the web. They prioritize user experience, privacy, and security in their product development process.

FAQ of Arc for Windows