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Channels by Dovetail

Turn user feedback into real-time insights

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Dovetail is a customer feedback analysis tool that helps businesses make better product decisions by organizing and analyzing scattered customer feedback.

How to use Channels by Dovetail?

To use Dovetail, start by importing customer feedback data into the platform. Then, analyze the feedback to uncover insights and trends. Visualize emerging themes and share the feedback with team members to make informed product decisions.

Core features of Channels by Dovetail:


Organize and centralize customer feedback


Analyze customer feedback for insights


Identify patterns and trends in feedback


Visualize emerging themes in customer feedback


Share feedback with team members

Why could be used Channels by Dovetail?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Improving product features based on customer feedback
# 2Identifying customer pain points
# 3Enhancing customer experience through feedback analysis

Pricing of Channels by Dovetail:

Free Plan


Basic features for small teams

Pro Plan


Advanced features for larger teams

Who developed Channels by Dovetail?

Dovetail Research Pty Ltd is the maker of Dovetail, a customer feedback analysis tool designed to help businesses understand and act on customer feedback effectively.

FAQ of Channels by Dovetail