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Datashake Hub

No-code data aggregation & export

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Datashake Hub is a no-code user interface that allows users to collect and distribute data using Datashake APIs. It helps businesses make more informed decisions through intelligent and on-demand data aggregation.

How to use Datashake Hub?

Select your data type, create your search, fetch and enrich the data, export it to your favorite tools, and receive automatic updates for continuous insights and compliance.

Core features of Datashake Hub:


Profile discovery


Review Index API


Content Retrieval


Review Scraper API


Raw data


Web Scraper API

Why could be used Datashake Hub?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Data aggregation for consumer insights
# 2Market research
# 3Campaign tracking

Who developed Datashake Hub?

Datashake is an API-first company that provides easy-to-use APIs and well-documented tools for data aggregation and analysis.

FAQ of Datashake Hub