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Build web apps 10x faster with Deno, JSX, TS & Tailwind

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Decocx is a platform that empowers teams to quickly create high-performance digital experiences integrated with any backend API. It offers both no-code and full-code options for building websites, along with features like real-time collaboration, component libraries, and seamless integration with data sources.

How to use 2.0?

To use Decocx, start by selecting a plan that fits your needs. Then, utilize the component library and design system to build your website visually or dive into full-code editing for customizations. Leverage the TypeScript CMS for content management and explore the AI-powered capabilities for personalization. Collaborate in real-time with your team to create stunning digital experiences.

Core features of 2.0:


Component Library


Design System


No-Code Editing


Full Code Editing


TypeScript CMS

Why could be used 2.0?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Rapid Design and Deployment
# 2Personalization with AI-powered capabilities
# 3Enhanced Content Management

Pricing of 2.0:

Basic Plan


Includes access to the component library and basic features

Pro Plan


Includes advanced features like multivariate testing and real-time collaboration

Who developed 2.0?

Decocx is developed by a team of experts in frontend development and digital experiences, based in Brazil. They aim to simplify website creation and provide innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes.

FAQ of 2.0