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Dreamwriter is a powerful AI-powered content creation tool that helps you design beautiful and on-brand premium content in minutes. Leverage the power of AI to develop hard-hitting PDFs and PPTs tailored to your exact target audience. Collaborate in real-time, simplify daily content generation, write in multiple languages, and differentiate your brand voice across unlimited products.

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Dreamwriter is a premium content creation tool powered by AI that helps users develop high-quality PDFs and PPTs tailored to their brand voice. With features like AI assistant Dreamy, real-time collaboration, and multilingual support, Dreamwriter simplifies the content creation process for individuals and teams.

How to use Dreamwriter?

To use Dreamwriter, upload your logo, enter a webpage, and select your brand colors. Start generating premium content tailored to your target audience. Use the AI assistant Dreamy to write, design, and create charts and graphs. Collaborate with coworkers or clients to edit and export your content assets to PDF or PPTs. Leverage the power of AI to produce premium content at high speeds and in multiple languages.

Core features of Dreamwriter:


AI-powered content creation


Real-time collaboration


Multilingual support


Customizable templates


AI assistant Dreamy

Why could be used Dreamwriter?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Creating branded content
# 2Generating long-form content
# 3Simplifying daily content generation

Pricing of Dreamwriter:



Create beautiful and on-brand content using the power of Dreamwriter. Design premium content in your brand's template voice, tone, and messaging. Create 2 pieces of branded content and edit them to your liking. Includes PDF export.


$12 per member/month

Unlimited members and usage, premium custom support, and early access to advanced features. Work with up to 5 brands, collaborate with up to 10 coworkers, remove Dreamwriter watermark, leverage AI assistant Dreamy, translate up to 50 pieces of content per month, manage workflows, access chat support, and export to PDF and PowerPoint.

Enterprise and Agencies


Differentiate your brand voice across unlimited products, target audience, or companies. Collaborate across your entire organization, unlimited premium content creation, usage of AI assistant Dreamy, content translations, brands, dedicated account manager, early access to upcoming features, and Dreamwriter Professional services.

Who developed Dreamwriter?

Dreamwriter is loved by businesses worldwide for its innovative approach to content creation and collaboration. The tool is designed to empower individuals and teams to create impactful content that resonates with their audience.

FAQ of Dreamwriter