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Flutter Boilerplate

Starter kit with base configurations.

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FlutterPlate is a Flutter boilerplate starter kit with base configurations, allowing you to ship apps quickly without wasting time on routine work. It promotes clean architecture for easy scalability, testability, and maintainability.

How to use Flutter Boilerplate?

To use FlutterPlate, simply purchase the FlutterPlate Full package and start working with the provided features and tools. Follow the documentation for guidance on implementation and updates.

Core features of Flutter Boilerplate:


Starter kit with base configurations


Template with single code base


Easy scalable, testable, and maintainable


Build fast, earn fast or proceed to next idea, repeat

Why could be used Flutter Boilerplate?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Ship apps quickly without routine work
# 2Promote clean architecture for easy scalability
# 3Test ideas and MVP quickly

Pricing of Flutter Boilerplate:

FlutterPlate Full


Work with REST, Firestore, Sqlite(Drift), Firebase Analytics, Event Tracking, Clean Architecture, RevenueCat Integration, AdMob Integration, Crashlytics, Remote Config, Cloud Messaging, Documentation, Lifetime Updates, and other useful tools

Who developed Flutter Boilerplate?

Farid Fakhnavar is the creator of FlutterPlate, aiming to help developers build and ship apps quickly with clean architecture and essential features.

FAQ of Flutter Boilerplate