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Idea Spark

Handy tool that will help solopreneurs validate ideas

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Idea Spark is a handy tool designed to help solopreneurs discover and validate new app ideas efficiently. It enables users to focus on the ideas that matter and avoid wasting time on bad ones.

How to use Idea Spark?

To use Idea Spark, simply start by saving your new app ideas in the app. Utilize the smart validation system to differentiate between good and bad ideas. Develop and prioritize only the validated ideas, set clear goals with deadlines, and work towards achieving success with your app ideas.

Core features of Idea Spark:


Save and organize ideas effortlessly


Smart validation system to differentiate between good and bad ideas


Develop only the validated ideas


Set goals with clear deadlines for success

Why could be used Idea Spark?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Save and organize new app ideas
# 2Validate and prioritize app ideas
# 3Set goals and achieve success with validated ideas

Who developed Idea Spark?

CRX Applications is the maker of Idea Spark, a software development company dedicated to creating tools that empower solopreneurs and small businesses in their app development journey.

FAQ of Idea Spark