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Customer Service AI with Human Decision-making

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IntelSwift offers AI-powered customer service solutions to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. Their product, AI Copilot, provides prompt-based data processing and insights to streamline business processes. With features like 24/7 availability, FAQ, human handoff, and meeting schedule automation, IntelSwift aims to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

How to use Intelswift?

To use IntelSwift's AI Copilot, simply ask for prompt-based analytics and insights. Utilize the 24/7 availability for customer support, FAQ for common inquiries, human handoff for personalized assistance, and meeting schedule automation for convenient interactions. Connect your business data to AI Copilot to make data-driven decisions and enhance customer service.

Core features of Intelswift:


AI Copilot for prompt-based data processing


24/7 availability for customer support


FAQ for customer inquiries


Human handoff for personalized assistance


Meeting schedule automation for convenience

Why could be used Intelswift?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Lead qualification for sales
# 2Customer service automation
# 3Personalized product recommendations

Pricing of Intelswift:

Free Plan


Basic features with limited conversation handling

Pro Plan

$49 per month

Enhanced features with increased conversation handling capacity

Business Plan

$125 per month

Comprehensive features for large-scale businesses

Who developed Intelswift?

IntelSwift specializes in automating customer service with AI to provide businesses with cost-effective solutions for customer engagement and support. Their mission is to make online business communication swift and personalized across the entire customer journey.

FAQ of Intelswift