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Jet Admin

Jet Admin is a platform that allows you to build custom business apps in minutes without code. It offers features like connecting data sources, automating workflows, secure logins, conditional filtering, pixel-perfect app design, enterprise-grade features, REST and GraphQL APIs, self-hosting, audit logging, version control, and more.

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Jet Admin is a platform that allows users to build custom business apps without code. It enables the creation of internal tools, partner apps, and customer apps quickly and easily.

How to use Jet Admin?

To use Jet Admin, simply sign up for an account, connect your data sources, customize your app's design, and start building custom business apps without writing any code.

Core features of Jet Admin:


Build custom business apps without code


Connect data from multiple sources


Automate workflows


Secure logins for users


Pixel-perfect app design

Why could be used Jet Admin?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Create a customer portal
# 2Track inventory
# 3Manage CRM

Pricing of Jet Admin:

Free Plan


Get started for free with basic features and limited usage.

Pro Plan

Custom Pricing

Unlock advanced features and unlimited usage with a custom pricing plan.

Who developed Jet Admin?

Jet Admin is created by Geex Arts, a team dedicated to providing efficient solutions for business teams to increase operational efficiency.

FAQ of Jet Admin