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My Cheeky Bot

Custom lead gen assistant

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My Cheeky Bot is a chatbot technology integrated into the CheekyChatter ecosystem, designed to provide personalized customer service assistants for websites.

How to use My Cheeky Bot?

To use My Cheeky Bot, simply sign up for an account, customize your chat assistant, and integrate it into your website. You can start engaging with customers and generating leads in minutes.

Core features of My Cheeky Bot:


Custom lead gen chat assistant


Effortless customer engagement


Specialized bots and addons


Instant customer assistance


Seamless integration

Why could be used My Cheeky Bot?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Customer engagement
# 2Lead generation
# 3Customer support

Pricing of My Cheeky Bot:

Free Plan


Basic features with limited capabilities

Who developed My Cheeky Bot?

My Cheeky Bot is developed by a team of dedicated professionals with a passion for innovative customer engagement solutions.

FAQ of My Cheeky Bot