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Sprig Feedback

Capture continuous feedback right in your product or website

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Sprig is a next-gen product experience management platform that empowers teams to optimize product adoption, retention, and satisfaction at scale. It helps drive product success by providing in-product user insights, automating the surfacing and solving of pain points, and enabling smarter product decisions through user behavior analysis.

How to use Sprig Feedback?

To use Sprig, start by setting up targeted surveys in your product to understand user behavior. Then, capture and analyze user sessions with replays to find trends. Continuously capture feedback in your product to learn from users. Utilize AI analysis to generate product solutions from data insights.

Core features of Sprig Feedback:


In-product user insights


Automated pain point identification


Smarter product decisions


Churn reduction through behavior analysis

Why could be used Sprig Feedback?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Identifying user pain points
# 2Optimizing core user journeys
# 3Understanding user behavior patterns

Pricing of Sprig Feedback:

Basic Plan


Includes basic features for small teams

Pro Plan


Advanced features for scaling teams

Who developed Sprig Feedback?

Sprig is developed by a team of experienced professionals in the product management and user experience research fields, dedicated to helping businesses unlock their products' full potential.

FAQ of Sprig Feedback