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World of Gami

Turning tasks into triumphs

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World of Gami is an AI-powered Trello alternative with gamification, designed to make project management engaging and empowering. It transforms everyday tasks into exciting challenges, making project updates rewarding and not just routine.

How to use World of Gami?

To use World of Gami, start by creating your boat and crew. Manage tasks like in Trello, document like in Notion, and utilize AI for task generation and assignment. Engage in sprints using Scrum methodologies and compete for the Sprint Crown to make project management enjoyable and competitive.

Core features of World of Gami:


Manage tasks like in Trello


Document like in Notion


Utilize AI for task generation and assignment

Why could be used World of Gami?

#Use caseStatus
# 1Enhancing motivation and productivity in project management
# 2Creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for team collaboration
# 3Simplifying task management with AI integration

Pricing of World of Gami:



For small teams or personal projects. Includes unlimited boats, up to 4 crew members, access to all task management features, 500 free credits per day for AI functionalities, customizable boat themes and avatars.



For companies or larger teams. Includes everything from the Free Plan, up to 15 crew members, 10,000 free credits per day for AI functionalities, priority customer support, exclusive access to new features and updates, advanced analytics and reporting, more customizable boat themes and avatars.

Who developed World of Gami?

World of Gami is created by Franco Cirulli, aiming to make project management fun and engaging through gamification and AI integration.

FAQ of World of Gami